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UV system Dulcodes A

UV system Dulcodes A

Flow up to 739 m3/h
The UV system Dulcodes A helps to ensure water quality. The UV system works energy-efficiently and cleanly based on continuously variable medium pressure lamps and can therefore automatically compensate for variations in the water quality or level of contamination.

Perfect for the treatment of higher flows.

The UV system Dulcodes A has a compact design. Output-optimised medium pressure lamps ensure effective disinfection of potable water and the photochemical breakdown of oxidants and/or combined chlorine.

The system is fitted with electronic ballasts, which continuously adjust the lamp output, either via an external signal, such as the flow rate, or by specification of a setpoint.

A long-term stable UVC sensor ensures that the system operates safely and reliably. The motor-driven automatic wiper efficiently cleans the lamp protection tubes and minimises maintenance work with types of water that have a tendency to form films. After comprehensive certification and biodosimetric validation, the systems comply with strict internationally recognised NSF, UL, CSA and USEPA standards.

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