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Metering Systems DULCODOS® Pool

Metering Systems DULCODOS® Pool

The metering systems DULCODOS® Pool ensure the best water quality. The metering systems continuously measure the parameters required for crystal-clear swimming pool water. Based on these measured values, the amounts of chemicals required are added automatically and with precision.


  • Simple, quick assembly
  • Simple, menu-driven operation
  • Constantly good water quality
  • Versatile monitoring functions

Chlorine or active oxygen?
Historically, swimming pool water has always been treated with chlorine. Because it is an effective disinfectant and is highly oxidising, chlorine is also the chemical of choice for public pools. Clear and hygienically safe water is guaranteed.
The metering systems DULCODOS® Pool reliably keep the operating parameters in an optimum range. Unpleasant side-effects such as the smell of chlorine or burning eyes are very rare.
Active oxygen is less effective than chlorine. It can be used for very gentle and environmentally-sound water treatment in pools with fewer users.

The right type for every requirement