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UV System Dulcodes LP

UV System Dulcodes LP

Flow up to 523 m³/h
The unique UV systems Dulcodes LP are synonymous with pioneering water treatment – efficient and free of chemicals. The active temperature management of the patented high-performance lamps ensures fast and precise lamp dimming. This ensures at all times automatic adaptation to varying flows and temperature conditions.

A world first: precise lamp dimming in seconds – even with varying flows and water temperatures.

Our patented Vario-Flux high-output lamps with dynamic lamp heating are used in the Dulcodes LP. Thanks to the unique combination of electronic ballast technology and the Vario-Flux lamps, they can be quickly and precisely dimmed over a broad power range of up to 50% of the nominal electrical power. This ensures automatic adjustment to varying flows and water temperatures at all times.

Efficiency even increases in dimmed mode, which has a particularly positive effect when the actual flow is below the maximum possible flow of the system.

The flow in the Dulcodes LP has been optimised in a reactor based on intensive computer simulation. At the same time the pressure loss is kept minimal. The resulting uniform radiation dose without over- or under-metering of a partial volumetric flow leads to minimal use of energy, a minimum number of lamps and significantly reduced life cycle costs.


Your benefits:

  • UV system Dulcodes LP for a broad field of application for efficient, safe and chemical-free water disinfection
  • Unique dynamic lamp heating adjusts the lamp output in seconds and provides for optimum disinfection even with rapidly varying flows and water temperatures.
  • Homogeneous UV dose, thanks to optimised flow behaviour in the reactor, guarantees maximum flow output with a minimum number of lamps and minimum pressure loss
  • Reduced life cycle costs due to the long service life of Vario-Flux high-output lamps with low energy consumption and high UV output
  • High flexibility thanks to vertical or horizontal installation
  • User-friendly and intuitive control for the display of operating statuses and adjustment of operating parameters




Field of application:

  • Potable water treatment
  • Food and beverage production
  • Swimming pool water


Technical details:

  • Hydraulically optimised reactor made of high-grade stainless steel 1.4404/AISI316L by means of computer simulation
  • High-performance amalgam lamp "Vario-Flux" with an output of 80, 230 or 350 watts
  • Guaranteed lamp life of 14,000 operating hours (pro rata)
  • Electronic ballasts for the soft start, operation and individual monitoring and control of the lamps with active temperature management
  • Long-term stable UVC sensor for continuous monitoring of the system
  • Efficient and chemical-free cleaning of the lamp protection tube with automatic wiper system without interruption to operation, optionally available for selected system sizes
  • Continuous monitoring of the reactor temperature by temperature sensor Pt 1000
  • Single lamp system: equipped with either a Compact control or Deluxe control UVCb
  • Various options for simple integration of the plant in higher-level control systems thanks to many analogue and digital in- and outputs