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Controller AEGIS II/Cool Control Pro

Controller AEGIS II/Cool Control Pro

The controller AEGIS II/Cool Control Pro continuously measures and regulates the conductivity and controls the biocide concentration to keep pipework and heat exchangers clean.

Control of cooling water in open cooling circuits and boiler feed water from steam generators

AEGIS II/Cool Control Pro records all the necessary measuring parameters for cooling water and steam generator water treatment and controls the functions necessary for smooth operation:

  • Electrolytic conductivity – controls bleeding
  • Corrosion measurement – determines whether enough corrosion inhibitor is being metered
  • pH measurement – measures and controls pH
  • Biocide measurement (e.g. chlorine) – measures and controls the biocide concentration


Your benefits:

  • Biocide metering is timer-controlled
  • The online measurement and control of biocide concentration takes place continuously if required
  • Remote maintenance via web interface with web server
  • Blowdown lock: blocks blowdown after biocide metering takes place
  • Forced blowdown: performs blowdown before biocide metering
  • Operating status shown by 10 status LEDs


Field of application:

  • Control of blowdown in evaporator cooling circuits
  • Volume-proportional control or regulation of the metering of corrosion inhibitors, de-foamers and dispersants
  • Measurement and control of inhibitor concentration through the use of a fluorescence sensor
  • pH measurement and optional pH control
  • Metering of up to 2 biocides based on time or measured values


Technical details:

  • Protection class: IP 65
  • 8 digital status inputs
  • mA input for flow signal and temperature input
  • 2 serial sensor inputs
  • 3 plug-in module positions: Plug-in modules for 2 each of mA outputs, pH/ORP inputs, mA inputs for amperometric sensors and serial sensor inputs
  • 5 outputs for output relay
  • 4 pulse frequency outputs