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Metering System DULCODOS® universal

Metering System DULCODOS® universal

Pump volume depending on the selected pump 1 ml/h–75 l/h, back pressure 10-2 bar
The metering system DULCODOS® universal combines carefully selected standard components with the solenoid driven metering pump you have selected. This is your convenient method for the reliable metering of liquid chemicals – and is available cost-effectively and extremely quickly thanks to the preconfigured modules.

Liquid chemicals are metered conveniently, cost-effectively and reliably

Metering is dependent on the metering pump. Components, such as pipes, relief valves and electrics – indispensable, but scarcely variable – ensure the reliable operation of the system. That is why we have pre-configured the new metering system DULCODOS® universal with these standards. The benefits for you: low costs, fast delivery, simple commissioning.

Naturally you have a choice here as well: Should it be the solenoid driven metering pump Beta® 4 or 5, delta® or gamma/ X? Should the pipes and seals be made of PP/FKM or PVC/EPDM? And do you need one or two points of injection with one or two pumps?

The novel valve block gives every metering system a clearly arranged structure. Every system is equipped with two relief valves, a collecting pan with leakage sensor and a calibration tank for controlled metering for complete operational safety.


Your benefits:

  • Reliable and precise metering of liquid chemicals with proven solenoid driven metering pumps
  • Safe operation thanks to relief valves and collecting pan
  • Stable installation frame rotationally sintered from a single piece
  • Systems with 1 or 2 pumps and 1 or 2 points of injection
  • Calibration unit with priming function for controlled metering
  • Optional: Pulsation dampener, spray guard


Field of application:

Metering of liquid chemicals, e.g.

  • cooling water treatment
  • Waste water and process water treatment
  • Paper industry


Technical details:

  • ProMinent solenoid driven metering pumps Beta® 4/5, delta® or gamma/ X
  • Dimensions: 1,700 x 1,200 x 635 mm (H x W x D)
  • Material combinations: PP/FKM or PVC/EPDM (note compatibility with the feed chemical)
  • Relief valves to protect the pipework
  • Manometer
  • ACollecting pan with leakage sensor
  • Flushing connectors
  • Terminal box with master switch
  • Assembly frame available in 6 standard colours